Tips To Be A Better Caregiver For Someone On Home Dialysis

13 December 2018
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Being able to administer dialysis at home will be so much more convenient -- and comfortable -- than having to take your loved one to the hospital for dialysis two or three times per week. As a caregiver, you can go through training to safely and effectively administer the dialysis treatment to your loved one. But while this training is a good starting point, it does not always provide you with the finer tips that will make caregiving for a dialysis patient more manageable and less burdensome. Read More 

Thinking About Buying A Portable Defibrillator? You May Need A Few Extras

5 May 2018
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When you are considering purchasing a portable defibrillator, there are a lot of things to consider. It is not just buying a defibrillator to have one; you have to know how to use it, too. If you buy something like the Zoll AED, then there are also several Zoll AED accessories to consider. As you begin your search for a good portable defibrillator, throw the following items in your virtual cart as well. Read More