A Curved Stair Chair Lift Works On All Types Of Curved Staircases

11 November 2022
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Curved stairs are beautiful, but you may wonder if they are suitable for a chair lift. If you're thinking of getting a chair lift, you'll be happy to know one can be installed in curved staircases as well as straight staircases. The lift can be custom-made to match the curves of your stairs, even if you have a spiral staircase. Here are things to know.

The Chair Attaches To A Rail

A stair lift can go around curves because of the rail it's attached to. There are often choices in rails so you can have one installed that blends into your staircase. This keeps your stairs attractive even though you have a lift attached to them. The rail is made to the exact length needed so it can bend around the landings to make it safe for you to get in and out of the chair.

A Curved Stair Chair Lift Works On All Stairs

A curved stair chair lift works on stairs with landings, stairs with multiple curves, and stairs made of all materials. You can get a chair lift if your stairs are made of stone, metal, or wood. You can probably find a chair to fit even if the staircase is narrow.

The Chairs Work With Batteries That Recharge

Your stairlift installer may advise an electrical hookup at the bottom and top of the stairs so the battery can recharge when the chair isn't in use. If your stairway is long and has a middle landing, you may also want charging capabilities in the middle of the staircase.

When the chair moves, it runs on the battery so you don't have to worry about the power going out and leaving you stranded on the stairs.

The Chairs Are Safe And Comfortable

Just like any other stair lift, the chairs used on a curved stair chair lift are safe and designed for comfort. Be sure to choose a chair size that fits your body and can support your weight. You'll also want convenient controls that are easy to use. Plus, chairs have some automatic features, such as stopping when there is an obstruction on the steps.

The chair you get might even fold up when the chair isn't in use so it won't be in the way when it's parked near the bottom of the stairs. You can also leave the chair folded down so it's always ready for you to slide into and start your journey up the steps. A curved stair chair lift won't detract from the beauty of your home and it allows you to access all levels of your house so you can continue to stay mobile when you can't walk up and down stairs safely.

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