Thinking About Buying A Portable Defibrillator? You May Need A Few Extras

5 May 2018
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When you are considering purchasing a portable defibrillator, there are a lot of things to consider. It is not just buying a defibrillator to have one; you have to know how to use it, too. If you buy something like the Zoll AED, then there are also several Zoll AED accessories to consider. As you begin your search for a good portable defibrillator, throw the following items in your virtual cart as well. 

The AED Instructional Dummy 

You may already know how to do CPR but using an AED/defibrillator is quite another story. Buying a defibrillator training dummy is the first step toward teaching yourself how to use the portable machine properly. The dummy has ports into which you can plug parts of the machine or connecting cords. The ports register the amount of electrical current delivered and the frequency with which the jolts are delivered. Some of the high-end models will even teach you how to count down between jolts.

The Pediatric Accessory 

It is unusual for children to have a heart attack or experience a stopped heart. However, there are children who have heart conditions previously diagnosed as well as undiagnosed. This pediatric "paddle" set shows you exactly how to place the "paddles" on the infant or child for maximum effectiveness.

Disposable Adult Electrodes/Paddles

A disposable set of adult electrodes and paddles means that you can safely deliver jolts to the heart of someone with bleeding injuries. Just make sure you follow the first aid rule not to administer jolts to anyone still conscious, breathing and able to speak. Also, you should never administer the jolts to anyone who has large, gaping chest or back wounds, as it causes them to bleed out. All of this should be covered in a necessary training class before you can even purchase and use a portable AED.


For your own safety as well as the safety of others, you absolutely need to take a class on how to use the AED. While you can learn a lot from your defibrillation dummy on your own, and practice using the dummy, the class certifies you as someone who definitely knows what he/she is doing when it comes to portable defibrillators. You want to save a life, but the electricity in a defibrillator can also take it if you do not know what you are doing. Sign up for the next available class near you.