A Few Reasons To Use Managed Billing For Your Medical Practice

13 September 2017
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Running a medical practice is no easy task. You have your hands full working with the patients and your office manager works hard to keep everything else running smoothly. There is supplies to order, staff to schedule, patient schedules to maintain, and cash flow to keep track of. When it comes to billing patients, things can get even trickier. There are different insurance companies to deal with, and patient finances that have to be taken into consideration. Read More 

Keeping Your Hearing Difficulty A Secret From Others

23 June 2017
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If you recently took a hearing test to determine if using hearing aids would be beneficial in boosting the volume of sounds around you, and your test results indicated you are definitely a candidate for hearing devices, you are most likely concerned about what others will think of this occurrence. Those who are not keen on sharing the fact that hearing aids are being used will be likely to find ways to mask their presence from others. Read More