Advice When Purchasing Shoe Covers From A Medical Supply Store

10 June 2022
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There are all sorts of things you can get from a medical supplies store today. From apparel to laboratory kits, these supply chains seemingly have it all. If you're looking to buy shoe covers, in particular, to maintain a sanitary medical environment, use these tips to your advantage.

Make Sure They Fit

Probably one of the most important things to focus on with medical-grade shoe covers is their size. After all, you need to get a pair that fit around your shoes perfectly so that you can remain comfortable and still maintain a sanitary medical environment, whether you're a trauma nurse or a surgeon. 

These shoe covers will range in size, but you'll be able to easily find out what an optimal choice is because they'll have size charts. So if you wore a size 10 shoe, for instance, you can use a shoe cover's size chart to make sure it's compatible. 

Look For Elastic Ankle Design

Once you slip these covers over shoes you plan on wearing around a medical environment that needs to remain sterile, you need to ensure they are firm and thus don't come off. Even if you walk around a lot throughout the day, you need to trust the shoe covers will stay on and continue helping you maintain a sterile environment.

In that case, make sure these covers have an elastic design around the ankle portion. After you slip the covers over your shoes, the elastic portion will fit snug against your ankle and will remain so until you take them off.

Go With the Disposable Variety

If you want to save money and avoid inconvenient maintenance with shoe covers for medical purposes, then you should just go with the disposable variety. You'll get to wear them one time and then after your shift is done, you can simply throw them away and use a new pair.

Disposable shoe covers are readily available today, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding a pair you like. You won't have to sacrifice quality either because manufacturers still put in the time and effort to make these covers effective at preventing contamination around medical-grade facilities.

If you're looking to purchase some shoe covers from a medical supply store, make sure you focus on your specific needs as a doctor or surgeon working in a sterile environment. Then you can be particular about the shoe covers you purchase and subsequently get more out of them.