Getting The Supplies You Need For Your CPAP Device

9 February 2021
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If you are on a CPAP machine at night, it is essential that you can find the CPAP supplies you need for your device and properly clean and service the unit daily. A CPAP machine is an excellent solution for people with sleep apnea, but it can cause problems if they are not correctly cared for. 

Cleaning Your CPAP

A CPAP that is not kept clean can cause respiratory infections and even pneumonia because you are inhaling the bacteria and toxins that build up inside the machine's hose and mask. If the mask and tubing are not coming clean anymore, it is time to replace them, and your machine manufacturer or CPAP supplies vendor can help you with that. 

Most CPAP manufacturers recommend using mild soap and water to clean all the CPAP parts, including your mask, tubing, and even the humidifier tank. Anything that may leave a residue on the surfaces can damage the mask and tubing, so avoid anything you would not use on your skin. Typically a small amount of liquid hand soap with warm water is enough to remove all the bacteria and ensure that the machine is safe to use. 

Replacement Parts

There are many different types of CPAP machines on the market, and you may need something specific for your system. The air hose, the mask, and even the humidifier tank can all wear over time and may need to be replaced. The CPAP supplies that you need are often easy to find online and through the machine's manufacturer. 

Medical supply stores often carry CPAP supplies as well, and many times if they do not have something for your machine, they may be able to order them for you. Find a store that carries the CPAP you use or one from the same manufacture as they often have the CPAP supplies and replacement parts you need. 

Online Stores

You might want to order the CPAP supplies for your machine online and have them delivered to your home. There are some online options, but if you are going to go this way, check with your insurance company to be sure they will work with the company. 

You may find that the insurance company has other vendors that they recommend, and that is sometimes simpler for you because you know that your order is covered when you need supplies. Some of these online vendors will even set up automatic resupplies for you based on your insurance coverage, so you don't even need to call about the order. 

The supplies will arrive once a month or on a schedule that your insurance has approved, so you never have to worry about running out of something you need to keep your CPAP ready to use. 

For more information, contact a CPAP supplies provider today.