Three Ways To Maximize Your Time At Disneyland

30 November 2017
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Disneyland is an amazing theme park located in Anaheim, California. Thousands of people flock there every day, looking to enjoy some iconic characters and ride thrilling attractions. To make sure you have the best time at this park, consider this helpful guide. 

Show Up Early

If you want to beat the crowds, particularly when entering the park, you'll want to arrive as early as you can. Set an alarm to wake up early around 7 A.M. Then, you'll have plenty of time to pack and make sure everyone has the right essentials. The park opens at 9.A.M. sharp, and you'll want to be there at least an hour prior to avoid any parking chaos. 

If you're a true early bird, you'll benefit from the Magic Morning package that is offered. It's available to guests three times every week, as long as you stay in one of the designated Disney hotel resorts. You'll be able to enjoy some fun rides crowd-free or get that necessary energy boost from coffee in a stress-free manner.  

Pick Up a Fastpass

Like a lot of theme parks today, Disneyland offers guests a fastpass feature to avoid hectic crowds on certain rides. You can pick one up at a machine onsite or purchase in advance online. Then, all you need to do is return to rides according to what the fast pass says. Most of the time, you won't have to wait very long.

Since these passes only work for select rides, make sure you know what they are in advance to get your money's worth. You can also maximize these passes by going early when there aren't as many people. 

Rent a Powerchair

If you have a mobility challenge or someone in your group does, it's imperative to rent a powerchair. After all, Disneyland is a big venue and seeing everything would be almost impossible without these assistive devices. 

These mobility devices require a deposit and charge by the day. They unfortunately can't be reserved, so you'll want to show up to the venue right when the doors open to ensure you can rent one for the day. Additionally, these vehicles are designed for just one person and have weight restrictions. 

Disneyland is a wonderful place to visit, where people of all ages can escape and have some fun. Make sure your next trip goes smoothly by taking the right precautions and planning months in advance. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at One Stop Mobility.