How An Anesthesia Machine Can Help With Tick Removal For Your Dogs

30 November 2017
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Taking your dog for a walk in the summer is usually a fun time. However, if you end up going into the woods or anywhere rural, your dog may come away with a large number of ticks. In serious situations, an anesthesia machine may be necessary.

Large Tick Infestations May Need Veterinarian Help

When a dog goes through the woods and ends up infested with ticks, most people should be able to pull them off on their own. However, large enough infestations can be very difficult to manage. For example, a dozen or more ticks may be difficult to remove without agitating the dog. In instances like this, a veterinarian may be helpful.

However, there are also a few downsides to visiting a vet. While your dog may be calm enough while you pull ticks off of them, they may react negatively to a vet. Many dogs experience anxiety when they visit a vet and this anxiety may turn into a serious panic attack.

A Panic Attack Could Worsen The Situation

Ticks must be removed from your dog immediately to avoid the risk of dangerous diseases. However, the speed and efficiency of a vet removing ticks from their skin may startle the dog. Even worse, it could activate their sense of anxiety and cause a serious panic attack. When this happens, the dog is likely to lash out at the vet and even you.

Managing a dog's panic attack is possible in this type of situation by using various relaxation techniques. However, it may be necessary to calm the dog more than kind words and touch will allow. In these circumstances, an anesthesia machine may be necessary.

How Anesthesia Can Help

An anesthesia machine can help calm a dog by exposing them to safe and effective sleep gas. Even if the dog doesn't go fully under, a little anesthesia can calm them down and decrease their anxiety. This should make it easier for the vet to remove the ticks from their skin. If necessary, the dog can be put under until the vet is done removing the ticks.

So if your pup is covered in ticks and you aren't able to get them all out, talk to your veterinarian as soon as possible. They should have the kind of anesthesia machine necessary to help your dog calm down. Then, they can remove every tick and ensure that your pup doesn't suffer from any diseases. To learn more, contact a company like Keebovet.