A Few Reasons To Use Managed Billing For Your Medical Practice

13 September 2017
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Running a medical practice is no easy task. You have your hands full working with the patients and your office manager works hard to keep everything else running smoothly. There is supplies to order, staff to schedule, patient schedules to maintain, and cash flow to keep track of. When it comes to billing patients, things can get even trickier. There are different insurance companies to deal with, and patient finances that have to be taken into consideration. To help everyone involved, you should consider using a managed billing service. Here are a few benefits you will notice.

Human Error

No matter how good and thorough your bookkeeper is, mistakes happen. When there is a mistake in billing things can become bad quickly. Your patients will be stressed, worried, and even upset with you, insurance companies will deny claims, keeping your money from you longer than necessary, and getting to the root of the problem can take time. A managed billing service has the software to ensure the math is always correct and everyone is billed the proper amount.

Discounts and Packages

Some medical procedures and treatments may be billed differently depending on how many different things are being done. In addition, you may be offering a discount to a patient who is having financial troubles. You may also decide to set up a payment plan to help someone out. Keeping track of all this can make billing difficult. However, these can all be discussed with the billing company and entered into the system as soon as they occur so that the monthly billing is always up-to-date and accurate.

Customer Service

If your office manager or receptionist has to spend time going over a bill with a patient or talking with an insurance company, it takes time from their other tasks. In addition, trying to deal with someone who is angry or arguing with you is not good for the other patients in the office to hear. With a managed billing service, all your billing calls can be routed directly to the service company so they can handle any problems. The customer service representatives have experience in handling all kinds of billing issues so everyone is satisfied with the outcome.

Using a managed billing service takes away the stress of ensuring money is coming into your practice. They will send the bills and do any necessary follow-up with the patients. If there is a problem, they will handle thing. This allows you to take care of the patients better.