Dressing Aids In Minnesota: Help For Basic Needs

2 January 2014
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Individuals that suffer from impairments such as arthritis or that have different bending may benefit from the use of dressing aids in Minnesota. There are many types of dressing aids that can provide you with the help you need to do the basic tasks such as putting on your socks or shoes. These are very helpful and come in a number of sizes and styles based on your needs. There are several things to consider when searching for the right dressing aids in Minnesota. When choosing the right dressing aids in Minnesota you will want to consider what the overall needs are. One option is to purchase a dressing stick that helps you to grab onto things like pants, slacks and jeans when in a sitting position. Using the hook that does not snag the user can stay seated and hold the pants so that a leg can be placed within each pant. These are ideal for patients that have had hip or knee replacements and need a little help. It allows the person to put the garments on without having to stand up to do so for the most part. Another option in dressing aids in Minnesota is the sock aid. This is a device that is usually made of a thin plastic, looks like a pipe that has been cut the long way so that it fits to the back of the calf and has a rope attached to one and of it. The user would put the sock on the end without the rope, place it on the foot with the device at the back of the calf and then pull the device up with the rope leaving the sock on the foot and leg as it comes off. This device seems extremely basic, but can provide amazing assistance to those that can't bend down to put their socks on as well as those that use diabetic socks or compression hose. Diabetic socks are very tight fitting and can cause problems for those with arthritis in the hands that can't force the socks open wide enough to get them over the foot and leg. If you need help to get your shoes on you might consider a long shoehorn. The long shoehorn consists of a normal shoehorn that is attached to a long handle so that the user does not have to bend over to get the shoe on. It typically is made of metal to avoiding breaking and has a rubber grip handle. This rubber grip handle can provide the user with the ability to get a good handle on the shoehorn and avoid slipping. In addition to being used for shoes, the long shoehorn can also be used to help get your arm into a sleeve if you have poor range of motion by pulling the sleeve forward. The button hook is one of the dressing aids in Minnesota that can be used the best for those that need help with button holes when dressing. The button hole hook helps to grasp the button and then pull it through the hole. This is very helpful for anyone with arthritis or other issues relating to the use of buttons. Similar to this is the zipper pull that allows the user to grasp the zipper more easily and pull it up and down. This is going to provide you with the best way to get excellent results for dressing without the pain that you might otherwise experience when dressing and undressing. Even the simple tasks of dressing and undressing can cause some people tremendous pain and getting help from dressing aids in Minnesota from a place like Corner Medical Health Equipment can make life a little easier.